KO Cup Singles/Doubles

Draw below for 2023/24:
Handicaps are calculated by adding up the total individual player handicaps and multiplying by 2.33

Preliminary Round

  To be played by 01/02/2024    
Prelim 1 Aberaeron C V Rhydlewis B

Round 1

  To be played by 08/02/2024    
Game 1 Aberaeron C V Llanarth
Game 2 Llandysul B V Felindre A
Game 3 Felindre B V Aberaeron B
Game 4 Aberaeron A V Beulah
Game 5 Penparcau A V Rhydlewis A
Game 6 Penparcau B V New Quay
Game 7 Aberaeron D V Felindre C
Game 8 Llanon V Llandysul A

Quarter Final

  To be played by 29/02/2024    
QF 1 Llanarth V Felindre A
QF 2 Felindre B V Aberaeron A
QF 3 Penparcau A V Penparcau B
QF 4 Aberaeron D V Llandysul A

Semi Final

  To be played by  07/03/2024 (Neutral Venue)    
SF 1 Felindre A V Felindre B
SF 2 Penparcau A V Aberaeron D


  To be played by 14/03/2024 (Neutral Venue)    
Final Felindre A V Penparcau A (WINNERS)