Age Group Winners

Current Age Group Champions:

Euros Davies & Norman Maher Plates Season Under 40's (Euros Davies Plate) Over 40's (Norman Maher Plate) Photos


2023/24 Rhodri Morgan (Aberaeron A) Gwynant Ellis (Penparcau A)


Historical Age Group Champions:

Not all results are available for update to the website. If any of these results are known please pass on this information via email to Adrian or phone 07960 863623.
Season Under 40 Over 40
2022/23 T J Gibbins (Aberaeron E) Adrian Williams (Aberaeron B)
2021/22 Lee Davies (Lampeter) Gareth Davies (Penparcau A)
2020/21 Not Contested (Covid) Not Contested (Covid) 
2019/20 Rhodri Morgan (Aberaeron D) Eifion Harries (Rhydlewis A)
2018/19 Rhodri Morgan (Aberaeron D) Adrian Williams (Aberaeron B)
2017/18 Gerwyn Lloyd (Llanarth) Gareth Davies (Penparcau B)
2016/16 Rhydian Owen (Penparcau B) Barry Brown (Penparcau B)
2015/16  Not Competed Gareth Davies (Penparcau B)
2014/15  Chris Lloyd (Penparcau A) Barry Brown (Penparcau B)
2013/14 Lee Davies (Llanon B) Barry Brown (Penparcau B) 
2012/13  Marc Rees (Felindre) Barry Brown (Penparcau B)
2011/12  Stephen Griffiths (Llanon C) Andrew James (Felindre A)
2010/11   Leeroy Mason (New Quay)
2009/10 Marc Rees (Felindre) Gareth Davies (Penparcau A)
2008/09 Not Contested Gareth Davies (Penparcau A)
Season Under 25 Over 45
2007/08 Gethin Davies (Rhydlewis) Dennis Evans (Rhydlewis)
2006/07 Rhodri Barrett (Beulah) Gareth Davies (Penparcau)
2005/06 Steffan Davies (Felindre) Gareth Davies (Penparcau)
2004/05 Gwilym Morgan (Llanon B) Syd Freemantle (Beulah D)
2003/04 William Jenkins (Llanon C) Ted Okamback (Beulah)
Season Under 18 Over 45
2002/03 William Jenkins (Llanon C) Danny Kempton (Aberporth)
2001/02 Mark Thompson (Rhydlewis) Vernon Maher  (Felindre)
2000/01 Owen Thomas (Rhydlewis) Vernon Maher (Felindre)
1999/00 No Age Group Competitions No Age Group Competitions